Peace of Mind Through Innovative Services




Personal Protection

Our team has one goal: PEACE OF MIND. We accomplish this objective through a seamless, non-obtrusive and client-specific personal protection plan. We believe in achieving this goal through intelligent and innovative security practices.

Executive Travel

Armor Bearer offers our clients threat management solutions to address all travel security risks. Our team utilizes an exhaustive travel threat assessment to meet and exceed your expectations as you travel at home and abroad.

Estate Security

You expect to feel and be safe in every environment. Threats do not stop at the office, and neither do our services. After conducting a comprehensive threat assessment, we will develop a customized, wide-ranging security plan to ensure you and your family live in a safe, sound and secure home.

Corporate Investigations

We perform a number of fact gathering techniques including, but not limited to, internal corporate investigations, background checks and skip tracing. We can conduct these investigations either overtly or covertly.

Security Management

As security management professionals, we recognize not all threats are legitimate; however, the ones that are, can come at a cost. We treat every threat as real until we prove otherwise. We will develop a tailored plan to keep you safe. The first step to your personal safety is an accurate, updated and inclusive threat assessment.

Executive Consulting

Threats confronting your company are constantly evolving and increasing in complexity. Armor Bearer is experienced in discovering gaps, determining vulnerabilities and developing opportunities to maximize your safety through innovative analysis techniques.